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Referencing Objects

When referencing objects in LiveCycle Designer ES2, you need to ensure that you are providing a sufficiently complete reference to the objects. If you do – the script will work; whereas if you don’t – the script may fail silently.

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Laying out a form

As a forms developer, there are many options available to you when laying out your form. This post is not intended as a detailed explanation of forms design, merely a technical description of the specific options in LiveCycle Designer ES2 when using objects. Read moreRead more

image of puzzle

Picture puzzle

This form demonstrates a few tricks albeit in a irreverent way. Firstly using an ‘Adobe’ grey as a background allows your form to be part of the application, rather than sitting on top it. The second uses script to allow the use to select a part of the puzzle and move it into the correct position. Read moreRead more

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Keeping track of scores

Forms can de used to ask users questions. Sometimes the question is a simple yes or no. Other times you may have questions with more than two choices or with complicated scoring requirements. This sample will show you two options for keeping scores. Read moreRead more

Repeating data

Repeating non-null table data

There may be situations where you only want the user to print a table with rows that contain data. This is particularly useful where a user is presented with a table containing many rows. Once the user has selected the rows that are applicable, the print buttons allow the user to print only the information that is relevant. Read moreRead more